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NRSP APC Ltd. Introduces a wide palette of Basmati Rice with choicest selection of aroma, length and fragrance to suit different taste buds.

Super Kernel Rice

Experience the splendid aroma and subtle texture of delicious white rice.

NRSP APC Ltd. Super Kernel offerings

Available in: 1251025 kg packs.

1121 (Super Kainat) Steamed & Parboiled varieties

Treat your loved ones with mouth-watering Biryani or contemporary pilaf using the long grain Super Kainat

NRSP APC Ltd. 1121 (Super Kainat) Steam & Parboiled offerings

Available in: 1251025 kg packs.

Parboiled Rice Range

Savor the flavor of a great culinary delight

Available in: 251025 kg packs.

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