Integrating small farmers with vertical value chains
"From Farm to Fork" Model


Small organized farmers across Pakistan have enhanced incomes and improved socio economic status


Create an ecosystem that improves productivity, reduce losses and hedge market imperfections


NRSP Agriculture Processing Company Ltd. (NRSP APCL) was established on 31st October 2016 as a Limited Liability Company under provisions of Companies Ordinance 1984.

The origin of the company can be tracked on NRSP's work in "Back to Back" value chain model where the small holding farmers are provided inputs such as Farm Credit, Certified Seed, Fertilizer and Advisory Services. This allows the farmers to increase the farm yield, However, at the harvest (and in absence of grain storage facilities) the cash starved farming community is exposed to informal market depriving them from a fair market price.

In March 2014, The State Bank of Pakistan announced Round 2 of Financial Innovation Challenge Fund (FICF) designed to help the financial sector to reach the financially excluded with use of innovations and to test new rural markets, lower cost of delivery, enable systems and procedures and provide new ways of meeting the unmet demand for financial services. NRSP offered to pilot the idea of establishing a warehousing facility at Hafizabad district, where the small holding farming community were to be permitted to stock the harvested grains (paddy and wheat) on fee basis. Further the facility was to serve as platform for promoting financial inclusion. The project was awarded to NRSP in June 2014. The project opened its warehousing operations in October 2015. During the pilot phase NRSP registered 3,716 farmers and 2,860 MF loans were provided to farmers. 1148 farmers participated in 35 Agriculture workshops. The success of the project led to establishment of a separate for profit subsidiary of NRSP to manage and expand the warehousing operations in 2016. Initially NRSP APCL operated as a fully owned subsidiary of NRSP. In March 2019, NRSP and the promoters of the company (by offering 49% equity stakes) singed a shareholding agreement with Karandaaz Pakistan for expansion of the project. The warehousing capacity was enhanced from 5,100 metric tons to 20,000/- metric tons and machinery for processing of rice was installed.

NRSP APCL is Pakistan's first accredited warehouse under the Collateral Management Companies Regulations 2019. The Company has also been declared "best processor of rice and warehouse operator" by the Executive Committee of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.